Jitin Prasad praised PM Modi after joining BJP, know why he left Congress?

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New Delhi: Jitin Prasad, a former Union Minister and senior Congress leader has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. On joining the BJP, Jitin Prasad said that after deep deliberation and deliberation, I have reached this decision. I believe that as of today, only Prime Minister Modi’s work is in the interest of everyone in the entire country and my state.

During a conversation with media channels, Jitin Prasad said, ‘I will try that I can prove to be useful for the party. There are elections in UP, efforts will be made to work hard day and night for the party.’

‘India will take a turning point in this decade’

On his identity as a Brahmin leader, Jitin Prasad said that I am only the patron of the non-political organization Brahmin Chetna Parishad. Earlier I could only speak, I could not act. But now I can work for the people more effectively. BJP is a working party and I am in a position to do something by joining it. I will work harder for them now.

He said, ‘The most important thing is that India will take a turning point in this decade. This is not only a question of mine, but the future of the entire generation to come. I will work as a worker of Bharatiya Janata Party and try to get success in the eyes of the leadership and everyone.’

‘We need PM’s leadership’

On the new innings of politics, Jitin Prasad said that we are ready to work hard. There are elections in our home state and these are the elections that decide the politics of the country. How to reach the message of the Prime Minister to the villages and far-flung areas, how to connect the people, this is the need. We will work on this. We need the leadership of the Prime Minister. We will work under his leadership.

Congress’s support base is shrinking

During a conversation with the media channels, Jitin Prasad said that the Congress party has failed to take decisions. Expressing displeasure towards the Congress party, Jitin Prasad said, ‘We tried a lot to explain and explain things, but it did not have any effect. No decision is taken in the party, due to which its support base is shrinking in the country and also in UP.


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