Illegal relationship of a 17-year-old boy with a married woman, murder after a quarrel; private part also burnt

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New Delhi: Such an embarrassing case has come to light from the Dabri area of ​​the national capital Delhi, where a 17-year-old minor crossed all limits of cruelty with a woman. After killing the woman (Minor Murdered Married Woman in Delhi), the minor burnt her private part so that the police could not reach her.

Police caught 17-year-old accused

Now the Delhi Police has arrested a 17-year-old minor for killing the woman. After killing the woman with an iron rod on her head, the minor dumped the body in a Maruti van in the Dabri area and then fled.

Minor boy caught like this

According to the police, the body of the woman was recovered on November 15 in the Dabri area of ​​Delhi, which could not be identified. The police started the investigation by registering a case of murder, but no complaint was received from the woman’s family in the police station. While probing the police, they looked at the CCTV footage of the area, where CCTV footage of a minor was seen dumping the body through a van. While investigating, the police also identified the woman. At the same time, the police caught the minor seen in the CCTV on the charge of killing the woman and the mobile location of that day was also found in that area.

The minor had an illicit relationship with a married woman

During interrogation, the minor told that the deceased woman was married, with whom he had an illicit relationship, but for the last few days, there was a fight between the two. The minor called the woman to his house on 15 November, where once again there was a fight between the two, after which the minor killed the woman by attacking her on the head with an iron rod. After that, the private part of the woman was burnt. The police have caught the minor and the iron rod and Maruti van used in the murder have also been found by the police.


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