Government is going to implement New Labour Laws, will get overtime money for working even 15 minutes

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New Delhi: The Ministry of Labour is preparing to implement the new Labour Codes in the next financial year. The government is working to finalize it. After the new rules are implemented, a new round of improved rules will start in the country’s labour market. Along with this, the government is also trying to remove the doubts that have arisen due to the new labour laws.

Overtime even after 15 minutes of work

According to the Hindustan Times, the government can change the existing time limit of overtime under the new Labour Codes (Labour Law) and working more than 15 minutes beyond the scheduled hours will be considered overtime. Companies will have to pay their employees for this. That is, after the end of working hours, if you work even more than 15 minutes, then the company will pay for it. According to the old rules, this time limit was half an hour earlier.

(Source: Hindustan Times)


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