FIR against Kamal Nath for allegedly creating panic through remarks on Covid-19

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A statement by former Chief Minister of Bhopal/Madhya Pradesh and Congress state president Kamal Nath calling the global corona epidemic as ‘Indian variant of Corona’ is now making it difficult for them. State BJP MLAs filed a case against him on Sunday night under cybercrime at Bhopal Crime Branch. At the same time, the Shivraj government is calling Kamal Nath’s statement treason, while on the other side, Congress has jumped in his defence. Congress says that it will go to court against the government on this matter.

Kamal Nath has hurt the honour of the country

According to the complaint lodged in the crime branch, BJP MLAs allege that Kamal Nath has hurt the honour of the nation. Such a statement should be called treason. Due to them, the image of the country has been tarnished. Explain that among the MLAs who have filed complaints against Kamal Nath on behalf of BJP, many leaders including MLA Krishna Gaur, MLA Rameshwar Sharma and former Mayor Alok Sharma were present along with Minister Vishwas Sarang.

Congress will go to court against the government

On the other hand, the Madhya Pradesh Congress has come in the favor of its party president and leader of the opposition, Kamal Nath. Congress says that it will go to court against the government on this matter. After the complaint was filed, Congress leader Bhupendra Gupta said that not only Kamal Nath but also 21 media houses of the country have used the word ‘Indian variant of Corona’ in their reports and reports. He said that if there is courage in the BJP government, then take action against the media houses. He also said that, in this context, the report of the word ‘Indian variant’ said by the media will be presented before the court. On the other hand, he accused the Madhya Pradesh Police of being prompt in the service of the BJP government and the organization.

Kamal Nath stated Ujjain

According to the complaint, Kamal Nath was on a Ujjain tour on 21 May. Here he had said in one of his statements that, Indians are being abused abroad. Foreign media are describing the Indian variant of Corona. No one is sitting in the vehicles of Indian drivers driving taxis in Britain. Earlier, Kamal Nath has also accused the Madhya Pradesh government of hiding the Corona figures.

Did Kamal Nath say?

In a statement given in Ujjain, Kamal Nath had said, ‘When the corona arrived in January 2020, we used to call it the Chinese corona. It was being said that it is made in the laboratory of China and it came from one city. Where have we reached today? The British PM cancelled the flight from India because ‘Indian Corona’ would come from there. They have stopped the students and Indians working there out of fear that they might bring Indian Corona to their countries. This is why the country is being recognized all over the world. Forget that, now our country is a great little, now my India has become a Covid.

Kamal Nath’s works fall under the category of treason – Vishwas Sarang

After registering a complaint against Kamal Nath, Minister Vishwas Sarang said that the way the Leader of the Opposition Kamal Nath has done misleading propaganda about Corona, without any information, has done the work of defaming the name of Hindustan internationally. At the same time, in the virtual meeting of Congress MLAs, the way they discussed with their MLAs to incite and set fire to the farmers, the evidence is with the media and the police. Today, they have complained to the police about both these things. These works of Kamal Nath fall under the category of sedition.

Kamal Nath – Sarang is bent on spoiling the country’s spirit

Vishwas Sarang further said that, when it has been clarified by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is not a Corona Indian variant. Now Kamal Nath is getting this divine knowledge, nothing is known about this. Calling it an Indian variant is not just a statement, but an attempt to tarnish the image of India at the international level. He said that this should be considered treason. The Congress has always tried to spoil the atmosphere in India. Sarang once again accused Kamal Nath that, anyway, his hands are stained with the 1984 riots. He also said that it is not only the leaders who have come here to complain, but the application to file an FIR against Kamal Nath has come from the workers of the state. That is, we had come to file a complaint on behalf of the BJP of Madhya Pradesh.

A case has been registered under these sections on Kamal Nath

Following the complaint lodged by the BJP MLAs at Bhopal Crime Branch, a criminal case has been registered against them under Section 188 IPC and Section 54 Disaster Management Act 2005.


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