FASTag will be required on every vehicle from tomorrow, if not installed then it will remain off the floor

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New Delhi: If you are going on a journey and all the preparations have been completed, then complete this one task too quickly. Get FASTag installed on your vehicle as FASTag will be mandatory across the country from tomorrow. This will mean that if your vehicle does not have FASTag then you will not be able to cross Toll Plaza. Because of this, the fun of your pleasant journey can be spoiled.

No need for minimum balance now

Recently, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) decided to remove the minimum amount in the FASTag account. NHAI said that the move is aimed at increasing the reach of Fastag at a rapid pace, thereby ensuring traffic without interruption and reducing delays at toll plazas. Earlier, many FASTag users had difficulty passing through toll plazas despite having sufficient balance in the account linked to FASTag. The driver and toll workers were told not to get near and the time of the passengers behind was unnecessarily wasted. But now the banks issuing Fastag cannot make it mandatory to keep a minimum balance in addition to the security deposit.

FASTag can also be taken from PNB

Although there are many ways to take FASTag, you can also take FASTag from Government Bank Punjab National Bank. For this, the bank has issued a separate helpline number (New Help Line no- 18004196610). This work can also be done online. For this, you have to go to the PNB website and give complete information in the application form related to Fastag. After this payment has to be made and the bank will send it to your address. For this, you have to provide some documents like registration certificate and Aadhar card and PAN card for KYC. Fastag costs Rs 400 for a car, jeep, van and Tata Ace, with a security deposit of Rs 200. The fee for issuing Fastag is 100 rupees.


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