Farmer’s Protest: In the name of the movement, Protesters who are stealing electricity here from November 26

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New Delhi: Since 26 November, the national wealth of the country is being harmed in the name of Farmer Protest. Actually, the protesters have held Delhi’s main borders hostage. The so-called protesters are living in tents and tractors on hostage borders. Let us tell how the protesters standing at the border are harming the country in protest against the country’s agricultural laws.

‘Power theft in the name of movement’

Whether the Singhu border of Delhi or Ghazipur, the protesters everywhere are illegally stealing electricity to light the lights and run the heaters. Significantly, the Ghazipur border has also been held by protesters since November 28. To meet the need for electricity in the tents installed here, the protesters are making illegal arrangements for electricity by placing a slab in the electric poles.

Union Energy Minister raised questions

Let us tell that Union Energy Minister RK Singh had also expressed his displeasure over the incidents of power theft by targeting protesters for arranging electricity illegally by agitating farmers. At some places, illegal electricity connections were also cut by the government. Talking of line loss in the country, every year more than 27% of India’s total electricity is discharged into line loss. Which is more than the total of 261 GIGAWATT PER HOUR.

Loss of GDP due to power theft

Not only this, according to an estimate of the World Bank, electricity theft in India reduces the GDP by 1.5% or 1.5 per cent every year. At the same time, due to the theft of electricity in India, the country suffers a loss of more than 16 billion dollars.

Rakesh Tikait said on electricity theft

When media talked to the leader of the movement Rakesh Tikait about power theft, he said that if the government has so much trouble then it can give us an electricity connection. Significantly, how farmer leaders are taking lightly the loss of national wealth like electricity or the loss of economy is not a good sign for a country moving towards a five trillion economy.


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