Farmer’s Protest: Delhi Police reveals all the truth behind Toolkit case from every plot, These Faces Exposed


New Delhi: Delhi Police has exposed the violence on January 26 and the foreign conspiracy against India around the same time. In the press conference, CP Prem Nath, Joint Commissioner of Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police, exposed every face of the toolkit conspiracy in this connection. According to the facts revealed in the police investigation, Nikita Joseph is also an editor of the toolkit. According to Delhi Police, Nikita, Disha Ravi and Shantanu together created a toolkit document.

That Zoom meeting on 11 January

According to police, on January 11, Nikita and Shantanu attended a zoom meeting hosted by the Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF). Meanwhile, Disha Ravi sent a toolkit to Greta. However, Disha Ravi also deleted his WhatsApp group, Disha Ravi. Which was specially made for this purpose. Court order was resorted to for investigation at Nikita’s house. Their investigation revealed that PJF founder Mo Dhaliwal made his plan with the help of his Canadian colleague Puneet and on 11 January Dhaliwal met through Zoom. Disha, Nikita, Shantanu were also involved in this meeting. It was decided in the meeting that this movement should be made bigger. All of them created toolkit documents and then Disha Ravi sent this toolkit to Greta Thunberg.

Toolkit plot revealed on 4 February

The farmer movement started on 27 November 2020. Meanwhile, toolkit documents were revealed during social media monitoring on February 4 during the rest of the investigation. At the same time, things were revealed on the media on January 23 and on January 26, whether to do real action. Keeping all the facts in mind, the Delhi Police’s Cyber ​​Cell had registered an FIR. The police cyber cell had outlined some action steps which were found in the sequence of events in Delhi. When the police investigation team reached the home of tool kit editor Nikita Joseph, two laptops were recovered from there.

Khalistani conspiracy busted

Delhi Police also informed that in January itself, a meeting of pro-Khalistan pro-Dhaliwal, Shantanu and Disha took place. After this, a WhatsApp group was formed. Shantanu and Disha created a tool kit and made people fiercely forward. Initial investigation also revealed that many things have been deleted. The tool kit had to be spread enough so that in different countries of the world, the Indian embassy gathered to demonstrate. At the same time, Peter Frédéric planned how to create hashtags in this anti-India campaign and then used them to promote the anti-India agenda.

Dhaliwal, the founder of the Poetic Justice Foundation, contacted Nikita Jacob through his colleague Puneet. Dhaliwal, Nikita, Disha and others attended the zoom meeting held before Republic Day. At the same time, a team of Delhi Police also reached Mumbai in this connection. There he searched Nikita Jacob’s house on 11 February. During this, Nikita and her colleagues Shantanu and Disha Ravi confirmed the preparation of the toolkit documents. As part of the conspiracy, Shantanu created an email account and he was the owner of these documents. The rest of the people were also its editors. A woman named Puneet, living in Canada, linked these people to the pro-Khalistani organization Poetry Justice Foundation.


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