Farmers Protest: 180 former Bureaucrats and Judges descended in support of the government, termed opponents ‘prankster’

Farmers protest (Source Twitter)

New Delhi: A group of retired bureaucrats and judges have appreciated the suggestions given by the government to find a solution to the Farmers Protest. 180 former bureaucrats and judges said that to end the peasant movement, the government suggested a middle ground to give legal assurance about the minimum support price (MSP) and to suspend the farm laws for 18 months. Has said Despite this, some people are engaged in creating the wrong environment.

Allegations of misleading the country

This group of Retired Bureaucrats and Judges has described a group of 75 former bureaucrats as ‘clowns’ who are supporting the peasant movement. He has said that a group of ‘potters’ are confusing the country right now. 180 people, including former RAW chief Sanjeev Tripathi, former CBI Director Nageswara Rao, former SSB Director-General and former Tripura Police Chief BL Vohra, stated on Monday. Let me tell you that a few days ago, 75 retired bureaucrats had alleged in an open letter that the attitude of the Center towards the peasant movement has been hostile and confrontational.

Said this for the government

The statement said that the government has not declared at any stage that real and genuine farmers are anti-national. Even those on Republic Day were treated in a very restrained manner, using the farmers’ movement as an opportunity to engage in crime. This group has described the open letter of former bureaucrats as politically motivated.

Now this Demand has no meaning

In its statement, 180 former bureaucrats and judges have said, “We are troubled by the gross misrepresentation of a group of pranks of retired bureaucrats who aim to create a misleading discussion.” When the government has suggested a middle ground which includes suspending the implementation of the laws for 18 months, legal assurance about the continuation of the minimum support price and withdrawal of certain laws with penal provisions against farmers in matters of environmental protection, Then there is no point in sticking to the demand to repeal the laws.

Appeal to Farmers

Appealing to the farmers in the statement, it said that instead of being caught in the clutches of anti-nationals and opportunistic leaders, everyone should work for an amicable solution to the issue through dialogue. This statement is also signed by former Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court Anil Dev Singh, former Chief Secretary of Kerala Anand Bose, former Jammu and Kashmir DGP SP Vaid, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) RP Mishra.


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