Cyclone Tauktae Rescue: 14 bodies found by Navy from ship ‘Barge P305’, 63 people still missing

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Mumbai: A rescue mission of a ship Barge P-305 stranded in the sea after Cyclone Tauktae in the Arabian Sea continues and the Indian Navy has received 14 bodies. Out of 261 people stranded in the ship, 184 have been rescued so far and a rescue operation is being done for 63 people.

618 people evacuated so far

Apart from 184 from the barge P-305 ship, all 137 people stranded in the GAL Constructor ship have been rescued by the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. 196 people of Barge SS3 and 101 people of Drill Oil Sagar Bhushan have been saved safely.

Rescue operation continues on Barge P-305

63 people are still stranded on the Barge P-305 ship and the Indian Navy’s Beas, Betwa and The Naval Ships, and INS Kochi and INS Kolkata are also involved in the search and rescue operations. The Barge P305 is submerged at a distance of 35 Nautical Miles from Mumbai. The help of P8I and Naval helicopters is also being taken in search and rescue work.

Helpline number released for the information of the stranded people

A helpline has been issued to take the information of the people trapped in Barge P305.

AFCONS Helpdesk and Support Team:

Karandeep Singh – +919987548113, 022-71987192
Prasun Goswami – 8802062853

ONGC Helpline:

022-2627 4019
022-2627 4020
022-2627 4021


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