Cyclone Tauktae caused havoc in Gujarat as well, news of the Navy’s drowning in Mumbai, many missing

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New Delhi: Cyclone Tauktae continues to wreak havoc. At 9 p.m. on Monday, a cyclonic storm hit the coastal areas of Gujarat. The Meteorological Department said that it has turned into a very powerful cyclonic storm. After hitting coastal areas like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, the storm knocked in Gujarat at a speed of 185 km per hour at around 9 pm.

At the same time, a ship has sunk in the sea due to bad weather in Mumbai. There were 276 people aboard the ship, many of whom are missing.

Rescue operation in progress

The storm reached Mumbai on Monday evening. After this, a search operation is going on in Mumbai High. ONGC’s boat carrying 273 people wandered here.

However, 146 people have been rescued during this period. However, 127 people are still missing. It is being told that due to bad weather, the rescue operation is facing a lot of problems.


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