Crusie Drug Case: Nawab Malik’s allegation, extortion in Maharashtra at the behest of Fadnavis, connection with fake currency business

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New Delhi: The war of words between Devendra Fadnavis and Nawab Malik, which started in the Mumbai cruise drug case, is not taking its name to end. Nationalist Congress Party minister Nawab Malik once again disclosed the underworld connection of former CM Devendra Fadnavis. Malik said that Fadnavis has connections with those running the counterfeit currency racket. Fadnavis gave protection to those people as CM in Maharashtra.

Malik said that demonetization took place on November 8, 2016; Modi Ji said that demonetization is being done because terrorism will end, black money will end, and he is taking this decision to eliminate fake notes on a large scale. After demonetization, 2000 and 500 denominations fake notes started being caught in Punjab, MP, Tamil Nadu. Still, until 8 October 2017, not a single case of counterfeit notes was reported in Maharashtra because the game of fake currency was going on in Maharashtra under the protection of Devendra Fadnavis.

All the criminals were put in government posts, got the nexus of counterfeit notes run, did the entire extortion work through Riyaz Bhati. The whole game was going on in Maharashtra with your blessings.

Malik said that Devendra Fadnavis is diverting the case to save NCB. He has old links with NCB officials. Why did all the underworld people make big criminals while the chief minister made the government commission and board chairman? All the cases are registered against the notorious goon Yadav of Nagpur, from murder, whether Munna Yadav was made the chairman of the construction worker board or not. Did Munna Yadav become pure by bathing in your Ganges?

Haider Azam works to settle the people of Bangladesh in Mumbai, and his second wife is Bangladeshi. An attempt was made to save him. Whether extortion work was being done in Maharashtra at your (Fadnavis) behest or not. The landowners were caught and brought, and the land was written in their name or not. There were calls from goons from abroad.

On 8 October 2017, BKC raided 14 crores 56 lakh rupees fake currency notes. Helped to put the matter to rest.

An arrest took place in Mumbai. Imran Alam Sheikh and Riyaz Bhati were arrested in Poona. But the matter was suppressed by telling the seizure of 14 crores 56 lakh as 8 lakh 80 thousand.

Pakistan’s counterfeit notes go to India, a case is registered, and bail is made in it in a few days. The matter is not given to the NIA. The final investigation of where the note was coming from does not proceed because the people running these rackets had the protection of the then government.

Malik asked Fadnavis, who is Riyaz Bhati? Which reached the Prime Minister’s program. Riyaz lives with two passports. Why does he move around with Devendra Fadnavis? How do you leave two days after being detained at the airport?

In fact, on Tuesday, first BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis accused Nawab Malik of buying land and connections from the culprits of the Mumbai blasts. Nawab Malik, shortly after, responded to these allegations through a press conference and said that now that the talk of underworld connection has come out, then I will make a big disclosure about Fadnavis at 10 am on Wednesday.


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