Controversial statement of famous poet Munawwar Rana over Taliban-Afghanistan crises

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Lucknow: Munawwar Rana, a famous poet who is often in the discussion, has once again given a controversial statement. Munawwar Rana has advised the Taliban is to be called Afghanis. Not only this, Munawwar Rana said, ‘Wants to run away from UP.’

Called himself a victim of Hindustani propaganda

Famous poet Munawwar Rana, defending the Taliban, said, people are running away from Afghanistan, anyone can run away from anywhere. He said, whatever the situation is in UP, he wants to run away from here. Hindus are also angry with us, Muslims are also angry with us. We are quick victims of Hindustani propaganda. Afghanistan never did any harm to India but Afghanistan has been the best friend of India.

‘No harm to India from Taliban’

Munawwar Rana, while defending the Taliban, said, no harm will come to India. He said Imran Khan is joining Afghanistan because he knows that Afghanistan is a friend of India. Munawwar Rana said, ‘Why are you calling Talibani, call them Afghani, a new government is going to be formed there.’


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