BJP’s allegation- Congress’s Soumya Verma has made ‘TOOLKIT’, now answer Congress

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New Delhi: A day after accusing the Congress of preparing a ‘toolkit’ for political gains in the Corona era and tarnishing the image of the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi through this, the BJP also revealed the name of the creator. . On Wednesday, the BJP claimed that the creator of this alleged toolkit is Congress activist Soumya Verma and she is associated with the office of Rajiv Gowda, the head of the Congress’s research department.

Details are given on social media account

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra also gave details of Saumya Verma’s social media accounts, claiming this at the press conference. Also shared some pictures with his former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and Gowda.

Patra released a document related to the source of the toolkit on Twitter, saying, ‘Congress yesterday asked who prepared the toolkit? Please see the contents of this paper. It has been written by Soumya Verma. The evidence itself reveals who this Soumya Verma is. Will Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi answer?’

Congress should answer

Patra further said, ‘The evidence we are putting before you proves that Soumya Verma is not only an important part of the research department of the All India Congress Committee but she stays here in the lead role. The name of the creator of this toolkit has surfaced today and it has also been established by the evidence. Now Congress party should answer on whether Soumya Verma Ji is a Congress worker? Does Soumya Verma work in the research department of AICC? Does she work under Rajeev Gowda? Have they not prepared this toolkit?’

Was accused of doing vulture politics

The BJP on Tuesday accused the Congress of spreading confusion among the countrymen during the Corona epidemic and tarnishing the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also said that during this crisis, the ‘Vulture Politics’ of the opposition party has been exposed. Patra had cited a toolkit, alleging that when the entire country is fighting an epidemic in Corona’s time, Congress has tried to humiliate and discredit India all over the world for its political selfishness.

Congress had filed the report

At the same time, the Congress had retaliated in this case and accused the BJP of preparing a fake toolkit and fraud in Delhi Police against its senior leaders BL Santosh, Smriti Irani, Sambit Patra etc., including BJP President JP Nadda, has filed a complaint of forgery has been lodged against the Delhi Police.

Explain that a toolkit is a type of document in which point-by-point issues are given to further your campaign. To give an edge to the campaign, propaganda is carried out to surround the opponents on these issues. Recently during the Kisan movement also a toolkit came out which became quite popular.


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