BJP retaliated, concerned Patra said – Apologize Kejriwal

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New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party retaliated after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned the central government over the vaccine amid the Corona epidemic. BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra has asked Kejriwal to apologize to Pakistan for his statement on the war.

After targeting the central government, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra held a press conference on Wednesday evening. During this, Patra said, “Today we have seen Arvind Kejriwal Ji on TV twice and both times he was seen doing lies, delusions and politics of credit.”

Patra went on to say, “I think this kind of politics should not happen yet. Nearly 200 million vaccines have been provided by the central government to all the states. Delhi still has more than 1.5 lakh vaccines. Kejriwal You manage it. But don’t do politics on it by having 2-3 press conferences every day.”

BJP further said, “Some time back Kejriwal Ji himself said that let Delhi is free, we will get vaccinated all over Delhi in 3 months. When you are given freedom then you say why we have freedom on vaccine availability. It is given, it is a matter of centre.”

Not only this, the BJP spokesperson targeted Kejriwal over the Pakistan statement saying, “Kejriwal you say that this is a state of war, there are no two opinions in this. The first wave in the fight with Corona was also a war situation and the second Wave too. For the first time, India won in this war and we will win in the second wave as well.”

He further said, “Kejriwal Ji you said that when there will be a war with Pakistan whether UP will make its tank and Delhi nuclear bomb. Sadly the issue is that there is a surgical strike, then even at that time you miss doing politics, Even then you ask for proof.”

Accusing the Delhi government, Sambit Patra said, “Yesterday Kejriwal Ji said that he is fully prepared for the third wave of Corona. He is arranging oxygen cylinders, oxygen plants. He is arranging beds in hospitals.”. Why did not Kejriwal do it when the second wave came. “


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