Big disclosure in Aryan Khan drug case, know how a selfie cost Rs 18 crore

Aryan Khan. (Source: Twitter)
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Mumbai: Aryan Khan case is related to drugs only or there was some big conspiracy behind it, it will be known only after the completion of the investigation, but the witness of this case, Vijay Pagre claims that Aryan is being framed. The plan to collect money in the name of the accused was done on September 27 in a hotel in Navi Mumbai. Paghre has claimed, the four characters involved in this planning are Kiran Gosavi, Manish Bhanushali, Sam D’Souza and Sunil Patil.

‘When Bhanushali said – the big game has come’

Vijay Pagare told in his statement to Mumbai Police that he had to take money from Sunil Patil, so he was living with him for the last several months. On September 27, Bhanushali came to his room and told Sunil Patil that the big game has come, just don’t take Nana (Vijay) out to Ahmedabad. He said, on the 3rd, Bhanushali came to my room and said, ‘Come on, Nana has to go to get your money. After this we came out at 9- 9:30 pm, he was talking in Hindi and Gujarati in between. He was repeatedly talking to Same, Gosavi whether Gosavi had done anything wrong.

A selfie spoiled the game?

Vijay Pagare said, ‘When we went to the NCB office, there was a lot of media there. I left from there. When I went to my friend’s office, I saw footage of Gosavi and Bhanushali playing on TV. I thought something was wrong for sure. I thought let your money go, we will see when we meet. After this, I immediately went to the fort court at 7- 7.30 pm to tell everything to Manshinde sahib but he did not listen to me, I came back. Sunil Patil came to me and said that the whole plan got spoiled because of a selfie. The money that has come has to be returned. Sunil Patil was saying, again and again, took 50 lakhs, returned 38 lakhs on the first day, then gave 4 lakhs more. The remaining 17 and a half crores came from hawala which had to be returned.

Wankhede and his team were involved in ‘Game’?

However, Vijay Pagare also said, he cannot say whether Sameer Wankhede and his team were involved in this or not, but if a thorough investigation is done, the truth will come out. He said, ‘I was hearing the name of Prabhakar cell and Pooja, Prabhakar is Kiran Gosavi’s bodyguard, he had gone to collect and return the money.’ The statements of Vijay Pagare have also been recorded by the SIT of Mumbai Police on November 3 and 4.


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