Be assured, government is not reading your WhatsApp message, know cyber expert’s opinion on issue of privacy

Whatsapp Application (Source Twitter)
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New Delhi: Internet media is a double-edged sword. Its fast, simple and easy availability helps fulfil all the needs of the current era, but if it falls into the wrong hands, its qualities become a problem. Following the new guidelines issued by the central government regarding internet media, mischievous elements have spread such a message about WhatsApp, which has worried every common man. This message says that after the new rules are implemented, the government will not only read all your messages but will also record audio and video calls made through WhatsApp. In this regard, when cyber expert Anuj Aggarwal was talked to, he cleared all doubts.

Spreading such rumours is a crime

Spreading such a rumour is a crime under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and cyber law. Action can be taken against a person who has done so under Section 505 and Section 66D of the IT Act. In the new IT notification, all platforms have been instructed to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in taking action on such serious matters.

The purpose of the message, to create instability in the country

Seeing the message that is going viral concerning WhatsApp, it seems that this is the act of some crazy people knowing the technology. They want to create instability in the country through this. He said that many times data and IT companies also use this way for testing their boat application or any marketing company to find out their public demand. However, this is not the case.

Impossible to enforce rules

Even if this message is accepted as true, then the government will not be able to implement it even if it wants to. It will face problems ranging from violation of the fundamental rights conferred by the Constitution to the storage of data. There are around 500 million WhatsApp users in the country. Even after recording the time of all these, it is impossible to raise resources for their analysis, storage.

The privacy of the user is at stake

In today’s era, big technology companies are using data in the same way as the British used to do in their colonies. This is called data colonization. In a way, it is a matter of robbery on people’s information wealth.

Issues related to people’s privacy are important

Keeping in view the issues related to the privacy of the people as well as the security of the country, the government has instructed the Internet media companies to keep the data of Indian users in India and put servers in India under the new IT policy. The use of metadata in the estimation and profiling of artificial intelligence can bring new types of cyber challenges to the country, in such a situation that government control is necessary after a limit.


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