Assembly Election 2021: ‘Lotus’ again blossoms in Assam, but it will not be easy for BJP to decide on CM

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New Delhi: Lotus bloom is almost certain for the second time in Assam. The BJP has got a majority in the trends so far revealed in the Assembly Election 2021. Although it was already believed that the BJP’s return to power in the state is certain, but in the end, what can turn the electoral chasm, nothing can be said. After the victory in Assam, the BJP has to go through a difficult question and that is who should be given the command of the state? Sarbananda Sonowal is currently sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair, but the way the high command changed its strategy before the election, indicated that the party was not in the mood to re-assign this responsibility to Sonowal.

Many leaders are angry with Sonowal

Actually, there is resentment in the party about Sarbananda Sonowal. There have been complaints from some leaders that Sonowal has no coordination with MLAs and regional leaders. Although such complaints are common, there is too much anger in the party about Sonowal. This was the reason that the high command did not project any CM before the elections to avoid discord. While Sonowal was declared the face of CM by the BJP before the Assam assembly elections in 2016, he was a minister in the Modi government at the Center. This shows that there has been a change in the thinking of the high command regarding Sonowal in these few years. However, this does not mean that Sarbananda Sonowal’s hold on the party has weakened. There is no dearth of those who support him and the biggest thing is that the BJP has done so well again while being his chief minister. In such a situation, it will not be easy for the party to elect the Chief Minister.

Sarma is presenting a claim

In Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma has increased in stature significantly after leaving Congress in Assam. Apart from this, the presence of powerful leaders like Dilip Saikia has also influenced Sarbananda Sonowal. The difficulty for the BJP is that Sarma also wants to sit on the Chief Minister’s chair. It is believed that he left the Congress too only because he could not become the Chief Minister there. Sarma wanted the BJP to present him as the CM candidate in the last assembly election, but the party did not do so. Because she did not want to give birth to discord by making a leader from outside a chief minister. But now the situation is completely different. Hemant Biswa Sarma has not only established himself in the party but has also conveyed the message to the high command that the party will need him to strengthen the BJP in the northeastern states.

BJP will have to take a wise decision

Political pundits believe that Himant Biswa Sarma’s role in BJP’s performance in the last and this election cannot be denied. Therefore, while deciding on the name of the Chief Minister, there will definitely be this psychological pressure on the high command. Now the problem is that if the party makes him sit on the chair of CM to make Sarma happy, then Sarbananda Sonowal camp will be angry. Due to which the party may face a breakdown and the Congress will leave no stone unturned to capitalize on this opportunity. Therefore, the BJP will have to move very thoughtfully.


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