‘Anti-national conspiracy’ exposed in Ludhiana; Bhindranwale’s flag shown in Chakka Jam


The agitation jam of the farmers’ organizations across the country remained peaceful, from 12 to 3 in the afternoon, the peasant organizations did the agitation. The protesters blocked many places, including the Punjab Haryana, the effect of the shutdown was seen.

At the same time, during the Kisan movement, Khalistani Bhindranwale’s pictures were waved in Ludhiana, Bhindranwale’s picture was placed on the tractor. However, during the Chakka Jam, the conspirators got a shock. The country has responded to those who wanted to brake at the pace of the country in the fire of protest against the agricultural law.

But the whole conspiracy failed, all the plans of the opposition were destroyed. The country gave a befitting reply to the Rihanna-Greta gang and made it clear that the country will never tolerate anarchy in the name of protest. Supporters of the ‘piecemeal gang’ were trying to make Delhi 26 January Part-2, but the soldiers posted in the country security on the border this time dashed their plans. No protesters entered the outskirts of Delhi.


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