74th Independence Day: PM Modi said, ‘Eye lifter gets an answer, the whole country is full of enthusiasm’

PM Modi. (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: The country is celebrating its 74th Independence Day today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolour for the 7th time at the Red Fort, PM Modi addressed the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort and made many big announcements. The Prime Minister in his speech emphasized self-reliant India and said that now the country has moved in this direction. The world is looking towards India. He also announced the arrival of the corona vaccine from the ramparts of the Red Fort at the earliest. PM Modi also responded to China in strict gestures in gestures.

LIVE Updates

  • Corona is a big disaster, but not big enough to stop ‘self-dependent India’
  • We will minimize imports and empower small scale industries
  • Will advance women, Dalits, Divyang, poor
  • Our services, products will be more than one
  • We will proceed with the best
  • Now the era of ‘happens’ is gone
  • Peace, unity, harmony is the hallmark of a self-reliant India.
  • Ram birth role production has started in Ayodhya
  • Open defecation in the past year
    In the last year, the country has made many important decisions.
  • One-third of India’s new cadets will have daughters
  • Naval people will train the cadets of the coastal area
  • 1 lakh NCC cadets will prepare for border area
  • NCC to be expanded on the border area
  • Emphasis is placed on connectivity at borders
  • Will announce elections in Jammu Kashmir soon
  • We are committed to strengthening the forces
  • Emphasizing Make in India to strengthen the army
  • Prohibited the import of more than 100 military equipment
  • Emphasis on strengthening age-old cultural, social and economic relationships with its neighbours
    With this thinking, work is being done on many fronts today.
  • This happens only when India itself is strong and strong
  • Gives support to India in the United Nations Security Council recently
  • I salute all those knights from the ramparts of the Red Fort
  • The world has seen what the youth of our country can do in Ladakh.
  • From LoC to LAC, whoever raised the eye on the country’s stability, the soldiers of our country have responded to it in the same language – India has made its place in the five countries of the world in terms of renewable energy.
  • Working towards electric mobility
  • Emphasis is being laid on the use of ethanol in fuels.
  • Working in mission mode on a big plan to reduce pollution in 100 cities of the country
  • India is one of the few countries where forests are expanding.
  • We have taken forward Project Tiger, Project Elephant
  • The population of lions in our country has increased
  • Project Dolphin is also working towards running
  • This will strengthen biodiversity and increase tourism.

3 vaccine testing for corona is in different stages

  • As soon as we get the green signal from the scientists, we will bring it immediately.
  • We have taken many big steps for women
  • Ended three divorces for Muslim women
  • 6 months leave for working pregnant women
  • There are 22 crore women in 40 crore Jan Dhan accounts
  • 25 crore Mudra loans have been given, in which 70% of women have taken
  • To eliminate malnutrition among daughters, to make the right age of marriage, committees have been made, as soon as the report comes, they will announce the right age of their marriage.
  • The biggest lesson to become self-reliant was that we had to learn during the Corona crisis.
  • When the corona crisis occurred, there were 300 tests a day, today there are 7 lakh tests every day.
  • New AIIMS are building new medical colleges in the country
  • More than 45 thousand MBBS seats have been increased in 5 years
  • Starting a huge campaign in the health sector from today
  • National Digital Health Mission is being launched
  • This mission is being started to reduce the troubles in treatment.
  • Health ID will be given to every Indian under this scheme
  • Every Indian will have health information in this plan
  • The important role of new education policy in the progress of the country
  • Three decades later, managed to give new education policy
  • It is very important to emphasize innovation
  • New education policy is giving new energy new confidence
  • Optical fibre has been reached in 1.5 lakh villages
  • Participation in villages has also become mandatory in Digital India
  • We have decided that optical fibre will be delivered to more than 6 lakh villages
  • We have decided that optical fibre work will be completed in 6 lakh villages within 1 thousand days.
  • Our dependence on cyberspace will continue to grow
  • Threats are also attached to cyberspace, India is very conscious and cautious in this
  • We are preparing to face these threats
  • A blueprint of new cyber policy will be revealed very soon
  • 1 lakh crore has been allocated for agriculture infrastructure
  • Today we are trying to promote rural industries
  • A network of agricultural and non-agricultural industries will be laid
  • Trying to form a farmer production association is a big deal
  • Our countrymen should get pure water from the tap
  • Water life mission has started with this
  • Piping water to more than one lakh houses every day
  • forests, water in far-flung tribal areas


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