10 Shivling found from Ajay river

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Durgapur: In the new Danga area of ​​the Faridpur block of Durgapur in the Paschim Bardhaman region, locals used to go there every day to collect sand on the banks of the river Ajay. On Thursday, while Ajay was removing sand from the river, only ten Shiva Lingas were seen from there. After meeting such a lingam together, an atmosphere of excitement arose among the people of the village.

It seemed like a miracle to all. The incident happened on Thursday. Locals first saw a Shivling while removing sand. Later 9 more Shivalingas were evacuated. As the news spread, the people of the area started gathering. According to the locals, such Shivling has never been seen in the area before. In the name of Mahadev, it seems that Mahadev has appeared to save him from Corona. With this, the people of the village started worshipping to rescue Corona.

In this regard, historian and eminent writer Sushil Bhattacharya said that this area was once occupied by Ichai Ghosh, the king of the Rarh Dynasty and is, therefore, more than 500 years old. This is what it looks like by looking at the structural features of the sculptures. He said that at that time there was probably a village where the Shivling was recovered.

But as the Ajay River changed its course, so did the villages and temples in the river drains. After a long time, these Shiva idols were recovered while digging in the sand.


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