Twitter verification restarts for eligibility in these 6 types of categories

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New Delhi: Twitter has started the process of getting a blue tick on Thursday. That is, public verification has been started once again. It was closed by the company on 16 November 2017 and since then till now only the company selected itself and verified the account or on the request of the companies. Now you can also apply for Blue Badge or Blue Tick. This time the company has changed the way to apply for Twitter Verification i.e. Blue Tick. Now this option will be found in the profile settings of the users. Changes have also been made in the rules and qualifications of verification.

Who are eligible for Twitter verification

-Companies, Brands and Organizations
-News Organizations and Journalists
-Sports and Gaming
-Activists, Organizers and other influencing individuals.

Account should be complete

According to Twitter, before applying according to the verification policy, check that your account is complete. Profile name, image and email ID or phone number must be verified. For the last six months, the account should be active and make sure that your tweets do not violate the policy of Twitter. During the verification, the ID, official email ID and official website issued by the government will have to be given. Links will also have to be given according to different categories.


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