The central government is strict on the privacy policy of WhatsApp, said – take back the policy, if not, action will be taken: sources

Whatsapp Application (Source Twitter)
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New Delhi: There is a ruckus about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. This policy has been implemented since May 15. WhatsApp is facing allegations that it is forcibly trying to get Indian users to approve this policy, whereas its policy is not like this in Europe.

Government strict on WhatsApp privacy policy

This matter is still going on in the court, meanwhile, the Government of India has taken a tough stand regarding the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. According to the news quoted by sources, the IT Ministry has sent a notice to WhatsApp and said that it should withdraw its new privacy policy.

Notice on whatsapp, sought reply in 7 days

The IT Ministry has asked WhatsApp to respond to the notice within seven days, otherwise, action will be taken against it according to the law. The IT Ministry has sent a notice to WhatsApp on May 18, 2021, regarding its new privacy policy. Actually, the policy is different for WhatsApp users in Europe and India. The Indian government has termed it discriminatory against Indian users. The Government of India says that WhatsApp’s policy is irresponsible, WhatsApp is taking advantage of its reach and imposing wrong conditions on Indian users.

The matter is also in Delhi High Court

Let us tell you that many petitions have also been filed in the Delhi High Court against the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. On hearing the same matter, the Central Government said to the High Court that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp violates Indian IT law and rules. The Center argues that WhatsApp is differentiating between Indian and European users in its new privacy policy. The next hearing on this matter will now be held on June 3.

Cleaning up on WhatsApp case

Expressing displeasure over the allegations and strictness of the Indian government, WhatsApp expressed in the court that its new privacy policy fully adheres to the Indian IT law and rules. Along with this, he also said that he has also implemented this policy from May 15. WhatsApp told the court that if a user does not accept his new privacy policy, then his account will not be deleted, instead, he will encourage such users to accept this new policy.


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