Self-seeing: understand the warning

Dalai Lama Buddhist Guru
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Dalai Lama, Buddhist Guru

We are worried about our house. We keep it organized, so that we can live in it and be happy. We know that to be happy in our home, we have to pay attention to its maintenance. Therefore, a sense of concern, not compassion, works here. Similarly, Earth is also our home and we should keep it orderly. If we consider it our ‘mother earth’, then we have to naturally think about our environment. Today we understand that the future of humanity depends on the earth to a great extent and the future of the earth depends a lot on humanity.

Till now we have seen that Mother Earth has somehow tolerated our disorganized habits. But now its use by humans, population and technology has reached the level where Mother Earth does not accept our existence more silently. In many ways she is telling us now, my children you are behaving badly. She is warning us that our actions have limitations. Understand this warning and do not make the earth toxic by your actions.


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