Mothers Day 2021: How to make Mother’s Day special in lockdown, give these five most precious gifts to mother

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Raipur: Mother is such a word that one feels emotional and affection on hearing it. It is said that the importance of the mother can never be less in the world. You know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10 May. The value of a mother’s love may not be repaid for a lifetime. But even today, to express their feelings on this day, everyone gives a gift to the mother to express love on Mother’s Day. This time due to the lockdown, when everything is closed and will not be able to buy anything from the market, so to improve Mother’s Day, let us know what such gifts are they can prepare at home and give to their mother.

Biscuit Cooker Cake Recipe

Make Cake in a Cooker with a Packet Biscuit Cake: On Mother’s Day, you can make a special cake for your mother with your own hands. You can make a good feel by putting a photo of the mother on the cake.

Flower Bouquet: It is said that there is no better gift than flowers. Instead of bringing flowers from outside in lockdown, your mother can choose some flowers from the garden and make a beautiful bouquet. The mother’s face will surely blossom after seeing this gift you have made.

Mothers Day Photo frames: This Mother’s Day you can prepare any photo frames for your mother with your own hands and impress them. You can prepare a photo of their old memories by putting it in this frame, which will revive all their old memories once again.

Hand Made Gift: It is not possible to buy from the market during this lockdown. Therefore, by showing your creativity on a beautiful sheet of paper or craft paper lying at home, you can prepare a card or any other gift and write a special message on it and give it to them. In this way, you can impress your mother: if your mother likes a favourite movie or TV show, then you can watch a movie show of your choice or any other TV show sitting with them and spend time with them.


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