Facebook is bringing a smartwatch, will compete with Apple; Learn what features will be available


New Delhi: Social media company Facebook is preparing to connect people with each other and now take care of fitness. Facebook is now ready for entry into the smartwatch market and is working on a smartwatch that will have the facility of sending messages along with the fitness tracker feature.

Apple smartwatch will be tectored

After the arrival of Facebook’s Smartwatch, Apple’s smartwatch can get a tough competition. Facebook’s smartwatch will operate on the Android operating system and may start selling from next year. According to the report, Facebook is also working on its own operating system.

What can be the features in smartwatches?

The dial of the Facebook smartwatch will be circular and will have a cellular connection, with the help of which users can send messages. Health and fitness features will be available in smartwatches, as well as it is possible that users can get social media connectivity features with this smartwatch.

When will the smartwatch come on the market?

According to reports, Facebook is aiming to start selling its smartwatch next year. With this, the company is planning to bring the second generation of its wearable device to the market by the year 2023.

Facebook has brought many devices before

Facebook has brought much hardware before also. A few years ago, the company launched Virtual Reality (VR) headset Oculus, with which premium VR experience users get. Apart from this, Facebook’s video chatting device ‘Portal’ is also available in the market. Along with this, Facebook has been working on making smart glasses for a long time. In partnership with Ray-Ban, the company can launch its first smart glasses this year.


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