Customers were happy with this plan of Jio! One recharge and 11 months leave, all this will be available with data-unlimited calling

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New Delhi: We do not even pass a day without the Internet. In such a situation, getting a data pack in your smartphone has become a necessity today. But these data pack spinach ends in a blink and recharging, again and again, is a very tedious task. If you use Jio’s plans then you must know about these plans and if you are not a Jio user then you can become, these plans are so good! Once recharged, you can enjoy many benefits for 11 months. Let’s know everything about these plans without delay…

Jio Rs 2121 plan

This is the most expensive plan of Jio among prepaid plans with a validity of 11 months. In this, Jio will give the customer 1.5GB of data per day (ie a total of 504GB data), unlimited calling on any network and 100 SMS per day instead of Rs 2121. In addition, customers will also get a free subscription to all Jio apps.

Jio Rs 1299 plan

In this prepaid plan, the customer is given a total of 24GB of data for 11 months i.e. 336 days and he can make unlimited calling on any network. Not only will you get a free subscription to all Jio apps, as well as the facility to send 3600 SMS will also be available. Let us tell you that this recharge plan is part of the value plan of Reliance Jio.

Jio Rs 749 plan

This plan is a Jio phone plan and its validity is 11 months. Every 28 days, you will be given 2GB of data in this plan i.e. you will get a total of 24GB of data in this plan. And talking about the benefits, in this the customer will get a chance to make unlimited calls to any network, he will be able to send 50 SMS every 28 days and will also be able to enjoy a free subscription to all Jio apps.


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