‘Yahoo’ shuts down its services in China, know the reason

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Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday announced the closure of its services in China, citing increasingly challenging conditions.

The decision is largely symbolic, as many of the company’s services were already blocked by China’s ‘digital censorship’. Recently, the Chinese government has taken steps to expand its control over many technology companies, including domestic big companies.

“Due to increasingly challenging legal aspects of doing business in China, Yahoo services will no longer be available in China from November 1st,” the company said in a statement.

The company said that it is “committed to the rights of users and a free and open Internet services.”

Significantly, ‘Google’ shut down its services in China several years ago, while ‘LinkedIn’, the professional networking platform of ‘Microsoft’, said last month that it would shut down its China site, replacing it with a’ Job Board will be set up. Yahoo is an American and global Internet services company.

Yahoo’s decision to leave China comes at a time when the Personal Information Protection Act has come into force in China. This Chinese law stipulates that companies operating in the country must submit data at the request of the authorities, making it difficult for Western companies to operate in China as they face pressure to meet China’s demands. May have to face it. Yahoo faced severe criticism from US lawmakers in 2007 when it handed over data on two Chinese dissidents who voiced protests in China, which ultimately led to their imprisonment.


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