WHO said – Indian variant of Corona is quite dangerous, spread in 17 countries of the world

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New Delhi: The double mutation coronavirus is believed to be a major reason for the spread of corona in India, it is now being called the Indian variant i.e. Indian form of the corona. According to WHO, these Indian variants have spread to 17 countries of the world.

So far more than 15 crore people have been coronated in the world, more than 31 lakh people have died. India ranks second in the world in terms of the number of corona cases. The virus with double mutations is believed to be behind the second wave of corona in India. Who has created a furore in India, now a new report of WHO has come. According to this, the ‘Indian variant’ of the virus has spread in 17 countries of the world, this Indian variant or the ‘Indian variant’ of the coronavirus.

The report said that the Indian variant is evolving at a faster rate than other variants of the coronavirus transmitted in India. And this is more powerful and contagious than other variants. It is being told that this Indian variant has been found in the worst affected Maharashtra and Delhi due to the second wave of the epidemic. Coronavirus cases have increased significantly in Delhi and Maharashtra in the last few weeks and healthcare has collapsed. There is a severe shortage of medical oxygen in many hospitals in Delhi.

After the original Covid-19 variants, many variants have come up in the world so far such as UK variants, Brazil variants, South Africa variants and now Indian variants with double mutations. However some experts also believe that somewhere India has come variant B with triple mutation, that is, the trouble is increasing.


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