WATCH: People seen falling from mid-air plane in Kabul, were hanging on tyres

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People are risking their lives to leave the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. On Monday, 3 people died after falling from a flying plane in the air. It was a military aircraft and according to the information, people were traveling by hanging on its body.

Video of people falling from a plane flying in the sky of Kabul city has also surfaced. One after the other people are seen falling down. Local people told that these people had stood between the tires of the military plane to leave the country. After taking off from Kabul airport, as soon as the plane reached the air, these people started falling down one by one. The people of the city saw them falling, but they have not been identified yet.

There has been a huge crowd at the Kabul airport after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. The airport is currently under the control of US troops. According to Reuters, five people have been killed and several others have been injured in the shooting at the airport. In the video, dead bodies are seen at the airport.

Meanwhile, there are reports of looting in many areas in Kabul. Vehicles with official number plates are being looted. Some people have also claimed to have stolen their personal vehicles. The firing took place in the residential colony near the airport. There has been looting in the offices of government agencies. The Taliban say that chaotic elements have looted and burnt sensitive documents in the name of Taliban.

Here, America has said that it will deploy its 6,000 soldiers at the airport, so that civilians can be evacuated safely. There is a stampede-like situation at Kabul airport right now. Thousands of people have gathered there to leave the country. There are also many who have reached the airport without taking any luggage.


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