USA: People arriving without a mask at White House ceremony, embraced instead of social detaining

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Washington: Things seem to be normal in America. Here, the toughness of Covid-19 is not being shown as before. At a recent White House event, officials were seen warmly welcoming the guests. During this time, no rules were being followed regarding Corona.

Handshake welcomed

One of the visiting heads of state was pompously welcomed with a ceremonial hand in hand. The 94-year-old veteran, who received the Medal of Honor from Vice President Kamala Harris, was seen hugging happily. It is worth noting that in the past, US President Joe Biden announced that people who have been vaccinated by Corona. They can exist without a mask. They do not require any kind of social distancing. Since then, the atmosphere here seems to be changing.

This is an indication of how the impact of the global epidemic in America is diminishing. White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced in a regular press conference on Friday, “We have returned.” He said, “I can confirm that we are warm and we like to come here.”


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