US to allow Indian travelers from November 8

Air India (Source Twitter)
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Good news for those looking to travel to America. The US will lift restrictions for all international travelers, including India, who have been fully vaccinated from November 8, but they will have to show a negative report of the coronavirus before boarding a flight to the country. This information has been given in an official statement.

The travel guidelines include testing protocols. To further strengthen protection, unvaccinated travelers, whether US citizens, lawful permanent residents (APRS), or a small number of approved non-vaccinated foreign nationals, will now be required to be screened within one day of departure. Passengers who have been fully vaccinated will be required to show a pre-departure negative test report within three days of their travel to the US before boarding the aircraft, the statement said.

It added that unvaccinated minors traveling with adults would need to be tested at the same time. Passengers will be required to show their vaccination status, and airlines must match name and date of birth to confirm that the passenger is the same person who provided proof of vaccination. People associated with the American travel industry are constantly demanding President Joe Biden to lift the travel ban.


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