US MP Tom Malinowski’s appeal to Biden, immediately send AstraZeneca Vaccine to India to battle against Coronavirus

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Washington: ‘Corona Relief’, arriving from America to India, has been affected for some time. The US Department of Defense says that two flights carrying COVID-19 assistance to India have to be stopped till Wednesday. This delay is due to maintenance problems. Let us know that many countries of the world including America are helping India in this difficult time. In the last five days, 25 flights have arrived at the Delhi International Airport carrying 300 tonnes of Covid-19 relief material.

America with India at every step

US President Joe Biden has already clarified that he is with India in the war with the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, an influential US lawmaker has requested the government that the Corona vaccine of AstraZeneca should be sent to India immediately. MP Tom Malinowski has also appealed to the government to activate all possible resources of the US including the Department of Defense to send oxygen, storage equipment, ventilators and vaccines to India.

Take Decision as soon as possible

The MP said that such vaccines of AstraZeneca available in the US should be sent to all needy countries including India, which is not being used by the US. I have appealed to the government that a decision should be taken in this regard at the earliest. Let us know that India is struggling with the second wave of Coronavirus infection and more than three lakh new cases are coming here every day for the past few days. Along with medical oxygen, there is also a shortage of beds in hospitals.

WHO gave this statement

At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the global coalition Kovacs urgently needed a large number of vaccines to meet the supply disrupted by the increasing demand for vaccines in India. In a release issued by WHO, Kovacs urgently need 20 million doses to overcome the bottleneck in vaccine supply due to increased vaccine demand in India, to ensure equitable supply to the world. Significantly, India is the largest supplier of AstraZeneca vaccines.

So far there has been so much relief

Help is coming to India from all over the world in the war with Corona. Between April 28 and May 2, about 25 flights reached Delhi airport in five days carrying about 300 tonnes of luggage. These flights came from various countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Germany, Qatar, Hong Kong and China etc. From these, 5500 oxygen concentrators, 3200 oxygen cylinders, more than 9,28,000 masks, 1,36,000 remdesivir injections have reached India.


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