Two video producers found missing who made fun of Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Beijing: Two video producers making fun of Xi Jinping, the president of China, have gone missing. These two were last seen on the eve of Lunar New Year, since then there is no information about them. It is believed that the police have imprisoned both of them to make fun of the President. According to the report of Asia News, both the producers of the disappearance used to make online videos and took a dig at Jinping.

Both are connected to this channel

The head of the YouTube channel Qia Guo Wa Ha reported the disappearance of both video producers. The channel is recognized for producing content associated with Ru Bao. Ru Bao is a Mandarin word used to make fun of the President. Apple Daily Newspaper and Radio Free Asia report that those who disappeared include the chairman and manager of the YouTube channel Ru Mo Xin Lian She.

Such strings tighten the channel

Many online channels refer to the Tanja format Xi Jinping as Bao Zi, which in Mandarin means Steamed Bun. Actually, in December 2013, Jinping went to a restaurant in Beijing and ordered them there, since then he is called by this name. Some channels have also named him Winnie the Pooh. Because of this, the people associated with these channels remain the target of the Communist Party of China.

Many disappeared before

YouTube has so far removed several videos citing rules that mocked the Chinese president. China keeps a close watch on the content being published online and the content seen against the government is immediately removed. By the way, even before this, the Chinese government has disappeared many people, who made rhetoric against its policies or President Jinping. There have been allegations that after disappearing critics are tortured and imprisoned in an anonymous place.

In late December last year, Chinese activist Ow Biofeng was arrested for supporting ‘Ink Girl’. Several serious charges were made against him, after which the court sentenced him to life imprisonment. Let us know that Dang Yaoquong came into the headlines as ‘Ink Girl’ by throwing ink on Jinping’s poster in the year 2018. He sprinkled ink on a poster of Xi Jinping in a live streaming video, accusing the Communist Party of controlling ideas.


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