This bride of ISIS terrorist came in front of the world for the first time, told the ‘inner truth’ of jihad

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Damascus, Syria: Shamima Begum, the bride of an ISIS terrorist who went to Syria at the age of 15 to join Jihad, now wants to return to her country. He claims that the jihadis had misled him. Because of which he took the wrong decision to leave the country. So now he should be given a chance to return to his country.

Became a jihadi in 15 years

According to the report of The Sun, Shamima Begum left the UK in the year 2014 and reached Syria to join ISIS. At that time he was only 15 years old. She married an ISIS terrorist there and joined jihad with him. After this marriage, 2 children were born to her.

Killed terrorist husband

ISIS terrorists captured large parts of Syria and Iraq and massacred civilians there on a large scale. After this, many countries including America and Russia started campaigns against terrorists in Syria-Iraq. In which a large number of ISIS terrorists were killed. Shamima Begum’s husband was also among those who died.

Britain banned from entering the country

After the elimination of ISIS terrorists from Syria-Iraq and the death of her terrorist husband, Shamima Begum tried to return to Britain (UK). Upon realizing this, the British government issued an order in February 2019 revoking his citizenship and said that he would never be allowed to enter the country. Since then, Shamima Begum has been living in a refugee camp in Syria.

‘Terrorists deceived me’

Speaking to the world for the first time in a live telecast with Good Morning Britain, Shamima Begum declared herself completely innocent. Applying red lipstick on her lips, Shamima claimed that she was very young at that time. He was seduced by IS terrorists, due to which he left the country. Now she would like to die but will never go to Isis.

‘I did not participate in jihad’

Shamima Begum, the former bride of an IS terrorist, claimed that she did not participate in Jihad. She was only taking care of her husband’s children and was taking care of his wife. Shamima said that she was tricked on the internet in the name of being a Muslim. She was told that she could not be a good Muslim by staying in Britain. So he should go to Syria to join jihad.

She said that while leaving the UK, she was thinking that she would marry someone from ISIS. After that, by producing her children, she will live a pure Islamic life for the rest of her life. He did not know that coming to Syria, he would have to be trapped in such a quagmire.

‘Terrorists trapped on the Internet’

Shamima Begum said that she should be given a chance to come back to Britain. By doing this, she can support the government in its war against jihadis and terrorists. She can tell the government on the basis of her experiences that how terrorists are making the internet their tool to trap the youth.

‘Hundreds killed in the name of jihad’

Shamima said that she does not want to be a threat to the British government but an asset. She wants to support the government in the war against terror. Shamima said that she apologizes to the thousands of people who were killed by Isis terrorists in the name of jihad. These killings in the name of religion cannot be justified under any circumstances.


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