The situation of starvation in Pakistan, neither money nor food grains in the debt-ridden country; a ruckus

Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)
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Islamabad: Although Pakistan is always looking for a war with India, the truth is that Pakistan has already lost at the hands of its leaders, not at the hands of India. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has admitted that now he does not have money to run the country. That is, their country has almost become poor. Whenever such a crisis comes upon Pakistan, it seeks loans from institutions like International Monetary Fund and World Bank. But this time all the doors are closed for Pakistan because IMF has also refused to lend more to Pakistan. How every citizen of Pakistan has a loan of more than 2 lakh 35 thousand rupees at this time and how this ruin of Pakistan’s economy can overthrow Imran Khan.

Pakistan is poor!

On the issue of starvation in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country is living by asking for credit and for this, his government itself is standing with a bowl in front of international financial institutions. Pakistan had appealed to the IMF to lend 2 per cent of Pakistan’s GDP, that is, Imran Khan wanted to borrow 38 thousand crores from the IMF. But the IMF closed the door on Pakistan’s mouth.

Pakistan has so much debt

Yesterday, the State Bank of Pakistan has released some figures of debt for September 2021. According to which, at present, Pakistan has a debt of more than 50 lakh crore rupees and since the government of Imran Khan came, the debt of Pakistan has increased by 70 per cent. Imran Khan’s government has borrowed about 1400 crore rupees every day from some institution.

A Pakistani citizen has so much debt

Till the year 2018, every Pakistani citizen had an average debt of Rs 1 lakh 44 thousand, which has now increased to Rs 2 lakh 35 thousand. At present, Pakistan’s economy is about 21 lakh crore rupees, while India’s one year budget is only 34 lakh crore rupees, while India’s economy is about 10 times bigger than Pakistan. The net worth of the world’s richest industrialist Elon Musk is also more than the economy of Pakistan at this time. Elon Musk currently has assets worth Rs 21 lakh crore.


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