The People Of The Philippines Do Not Want To Be With China, But The President Is Inclined Towards China

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Manila: China, known for its expansionist habits, is now making all efforts to make the Philippines into its ranks. President Xi Jinping is ready to take diplomatic relations with the Philippines to the next level. Although the President may be inclined towards China, the people of the Philippines do not agree with this.

In February, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not allow US troops to land on their own and would end the two-decade-old agreement. China definitely likes such friends. The exit of America would mean China’s entry and that is what it wants. But the US is also the main defence ally of the Philippines and Duterte’s general does not want to spoil relations with them. Especially when China is trying to capture the South China Sea.

China did nothing good for the Philippines
In the last three months, China has not done anything good for the Philippines. A Chinese vessel entered a Philippine boat, sinking into the disputed area. In addition, China transformed and militarized seven reefs claimed by the Philippines into artificial islands. Despite this, the president’s inclination is towards Beijing. He has made it clear that Beijing is a preferred economic partner. Duterte also did not learn any lesson from the anti-China former president Benigno Aquino. Who took the dragon to the international court on the maritime dispute. Duterte has entangled himself between the US and China. Now, he plans to repair the runway on an island in the South China Sea.

The President may be inclined towards China, but the people of the Philippines do not agree with this. During Xi Jinping’s visit to the Philippines in 2018, the people of the Philippines made it clear that they do not want Chinese intervention, and they do not want Chinese money. In this part, China has not made any investment for infrastructure, only the militarization of the South China Sea is done. Because of this, Duterte returned to the US and said not to cancel the military agreement. That is, the US military will remain in the Philippines. However, how long Duttarte remains with the US is difficult to say. Because he is very much like the Chinese President. Therefore, it will be easy for Beijing to bring them to the table of agreement.

Duterte wants the law to suit his needs, while Xi China has laws of its own. Significantly, Rodrigo Duterte has been more inclined towards China since coming to power in 2016. Because of this, a tussle between America and the Philippines has also increased. In view of this, the US had also announced to shift its military base elsewhere, but Duterte had to withdraw his steps keeping in mind the widespread opposition of China in the country.


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