The minister of this country traveled by train for 27 hours to join the COP-26 Summit; many personalities were criticized for reaching by plane

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New Delhi: Austria’s climate minister Leonore Gewessler arrived in Glasgow, UK, to attend the COP-26 Summit, which took about 27 hours by train.

As far as possible, I try to choose climate-friendly options, Gewessler said. Since taking over as minister last year, Green Party leaders have been pushing for the train network to be popularised in Europe once again. Due to the low cost of air travel due to competition, people have significantly reduced traveling by train.

The jeweler said she stayed in Brussels, met with her European officials, and then spent the rest of the 2000 kilometer journey preparing for the climate summit. The train and night train are the future of short and medium-distance travel in Europe, he said. This conference, organized to cut greenhouse gas emissions, will conclude this week.


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