Taliban issues new guidelines banning women in TV dramas

Taliban Government (Source Twitter)
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Afghanistan’s Taliban government has ordered all TV channels in the country not to telecast such programs at all, in which there are female actors. Many other things have also been said in the decree issued on Sunday. News channels have also been asked to ensure that each of their women journalists wear traditional hijab while telecasting their reports.

A few days ago, the Information and Broadcasting Department of Afghanistan said that all TV channels operating in the country will have to follow their guidelines. The Taliban took control of the entire country with the capture of Kabul on 15 August. Since then many restrictions have been imposed.

On Sunday, the Taliban government issued new guidelines. These have been called religious guidelines. All the TV channels present in the country have been asked to strictly follow them. The strictest condition is that now only those dramas or programs can be telecast in which there are no female actors.

News channels have been asked not to telecast reports of anchors or journalists in which they are not wearing hijab. Films or programs in which pictures related to Islam are shown may not be broadcast.

It has been said in the guidelines – such programs or films cannot be shown which are against Islam or the traditions of Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Hakif Mohajir said – We want to make it clear that these are guidelines, not rules. It is expected that the TV channels present in the country will follow them. The Taliban also released new guidelines on social media, so that common people can also understand them.

After assuming power, the Taliban had promised that this time women would be given all the rights by staying within the limits of Islam. However, so far this is not happening. The rules for women in universities and schools are very strict. Women journalists were beaten up on the street.

There are private media channels in Afghanistan for two decades. Strict restrictions have been imposed on them after the Taliban came to power. Since then many channels have been closed. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan for the first time from 1996 to 2001. Then the media was non-existent. Movies and even music were banned.


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