Protests Continue In The US Over George Floyd’s Death, Famous Hollywood Actor John Cusack Also Tweeted

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New Delhi: Protests have continued for several days in the United States since George Floyd’s death due to the brutal police action. Meanwhile, some of the veteran actors of Hollywood have also participated in the performances called ‘Black Lives Matter’. Actor Cusack has shared a video of him during one such performance in the last few days in which he himself joined recently. He has shared not only the video of the performance in Chicago but also some photographs.

Things are getting worse in Los Angeles and its surroundings. Cusack tweeted, “It is all getting very bad. Everyone is worried. Things are being burnt around. Looting is going on.”

John roamed various parts of the city on a bike and took pictures of looting and burning cars. He said that the police also came towards him. It can be seen in the video that a police officer is asking him to run away from here. From the sounds coming in the video, it seems that the officer is constantly hitting his sticks on John’s bike.

John has shared the video in another tweet saying, ‘These are the officers who came to make some peace, who are running sticks with love on my bike. John said that the police are also spraying paper on the crowd, including journalists, and what they are seeing is complete chaos.’

He wrote, ‘It would be surprising if it stops in a couple of days. This could be the end of the disgusting era of Trump … Thank God .. With this, he wrote that I wish for the safety of the people. Meanwhile, the famous New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles has also been ransacked.


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