Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan endorses Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)
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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again proved how big a supporter he is of Taliban. During a program in Islamabad on Monday, Imran said – Taliban has really broken the chains of slavery.

The Pakistani army and the government have been accused of supporting and helping the Taliban. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by the US in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Another incident happened on Monday itself. Some politicians from Afghanistan reached Islamabad and met Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi there. However, it was not clear whether there were some Taliban leaders in this delegation.

During an educational ceremony, Imran openly praised the Taliban. However, it is also true that he did not do this for the first time. But, at a time when the world is surrounded by all the apprehensions about the rule of terrorists in Afghanistan, Imran’s statement is astonishing.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said- When you accept other cultures, a kind of pressure comes. When it does, I consider it worse than actual slavery. Getting out of cultural slavery is not easy. What happened or is happening in Afghanistan? There the chains of slavery are being broken. On this occasion, Imran also mentioned the bad effects of English medium education on the culture. In this context, he supported the Taliban.

When the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday, there was celebration in many areas of Pakistan. In many areas, people came out in convoys and distributed sweets. Most countries of the world, including America, believe that Pakistan is the only country that gives arms and military aid to the Taliban.

The US has repeatedly alleged that the leaders of the Haqqani network live in the border areas of Pakistan. Just a few days ago, Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid claimed that the families of Taliban leaders live in posh colonies of the capital Islamabad. Not only this, he also said that the injured Taliban are being treated in hospitals in Pakistan.

After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, while countries like America, Britain, Germany and France are closing their embassies, while countries like China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan are seen supporting the Taliban government. There is only one reason for this – America’s departure from Afghanistan.

All these countries have been hostile to America on many issues. In such a situation, they want to capitalize on the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and want to strengthen their hold. China has also issued a statement regarding good relations with the Taliban government.


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