Pakistan Police did not like Imran government’s decision to take a soft stand on the people of TLP

Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)
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The police in Pakistan’s Punjab has protested the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to once again take a soft stance on the banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). According to reports, the police has opposed the Imran Khan government’s announcement to release hundreds of TLP activists and withdraw cases against others. Police sources said several policemen were killed or injured while performing duties during violent protests by the TLP, and each time the government reconciled with the group.

Police say that the government did not even care how they were attacked and injured with petrol bombs and bricks. The police expressed their displeasure that their vehicles were set on fire by the TLP men and their weapons and other belongings were also snatched, so it was wrong to take a soft stance with them. Apart from this, people of TLP have also damaged public property several times, the report said.

The law enforcement agency was reacting to Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s statement that the government has released 350 TLP activists so far. The minister had also promised to review the list of the Fourth Schedule, which includes names of banned politicians and activists, besides withdrawing all previous cases registered against him. Expressing disappointment over the government’s move, a deputy inspector general-rank officer blamed the ruling elite class.

“The government will either have to stand with the law enforcers or with the TLP. Its quick agreement to immediately release hundreds of TLP people ignores the sacrifices and sacrifices made by the policemen during the organization’s violent agitation. Many cases have been registered against hardcore activists.


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