One More Shock To China! This German Company Will Set Up Its Factory In Agra

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New Delhi: After the Coronavirus epidemic, most international companies have now decided to consolidate their business from China. In this series, the German shoemaker Von Wellx has consolidated its business from China. The company will set up its factory in India.

The factory will take over in Agra
Von Wellx is famous for superb and healthy footwear. The company has recently decided to close its factory in China. Also, the company has decided to bring its new production unit to India. Vaughan Wells production will begin in Agra soon. For this, the company has also signed an agreement with Latrick Industries.

Von Wells is one of the world’s premium brands
Experts associated with the case say that Von Wellx is famous all over the world for his footwear. The company claims that using their products provides relief from foot, knee and back pain. According to the company website, Von Wellx products are sold in 80 countries. The number of people using these footwears worldwide is more than 1 million. According to the information received, the German company has more than 500 retail stores worldwide. The company also sells its products online.

It is noteworthy that after the coronavirus epidemic, most international companies want to move their factories from China and shift to other countries. Recently Apple has mentioned shifting its production line from China to India. Apart from this, many mobile and electric component makers are considering coming to India from China.


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