Now 007 James Bond Will Be Seen Fighting Against Coronavirus In His Next

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New Delhi: Hollywood actor Daniel Craig is a detective as well as a father figure in James Bond 007 series new film ‘No Time to Die’. Sources say that in the film he will be seen saving the world from a global epidemic. According to, Bond will be the father of her love interest, Dr Madeleine Swann’s baby girl, played by French actress Léa Seydoux. The girl’s name is Madeleine Swann.

This news started coming when the call sheet of the film went on sale on online auction site eBay last week. The film mentions scenes shot in South Italy in September last year. The 5-year-old child artist is Lisa-Dora Sun in the role of Madeleine Swann.

A source said, “Yes, it is true. Daniel wanted to make this Bond film more surprising and entertaining.”

Sources also revealed that in the new film Bond will be seen saving humanity from biological epidemics.

The source said, “This is not exactly Covid-19, but is similar and timely.”

‘No Time to Die’ was scheduled to release in April 2020 but due to Corona Epidemic, its release was postponed like many other films. Now it is expected to be released in November.

(Input IANS)


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