North Korea Dictator Kim Jong Un’s first public appearance in nearly three weeks

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North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un finally appeared in a public event after about three weeks. Due to the absence of Kim Jong Un from the past several days, many speculations were being made about his health. North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA has said that Kim attended the opening ceremony of a fertilizer factory and cut the lace.

Last seen on 12 April
Earlier, Kim Jong Un was last seen at an event on 12 April. In this program, he was taking stock of the flight of a fighter jet. In the last 20 days, many news reports about Kim Jong came to the media.
Was seen in public. Because of not being seen for a long time, all kinds of things were being said around the world about his health. Claims of his being seriously ill were being made.

Many types of claims in International media
An American news agency CNN claimed in a report that Kim Jong Un’s condition is very bad, he has undergone a surgery after which the condition has worsened. CNN made this claim by citing a White House official.

The public was shocked to see Kim

North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA reported that Kim cut the ribbon at the event and gagged at the crowd and welcomed her and shouted Hurray slogans.
In the past, when he did not show up on the anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim Sung II on April 15, many kinds of rumours were strengthened. April 15 is considered very important in North Korea and it is a national holiday.

On April 11, Kim Jong-un attended a meeting of his party’s Politburo, according to state media, the next day on April 12, he was taking stock of fighter jet flights. After this, no one saw him in a public program.


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