No Vaccine – No Treatment, Trump Gave A Strange Idea To End COVID-19

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Tulsa (Oklahoma): The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is quite infamous for his statements, whether those statements were made in public ceremonies or on Twitter. His statement has come again, which has shocked people. He made this statement at his election campaign rally in Oklahoma. In the rally, he again talked about coronavirus and created a new problem for himself.

Already he is facing protests in the US against African-American and Asian communities to end racism, accusing him of spreading the virus once again in the world. Accusing him of this, he called the coronavirus ‘Kung flu’.

Although they have been blaming for several months, the use of the word ‘Kung’ is a racist move that can bring violent disturbances to the Asian community in America.

Not only this, but the President has also even said that he has asked his officials to slow down the testing of Coronavirus in the country. They feel that the COVID test is a ‘double-edged sword’ because more testing leads to more cases being identified.

He said, ‘When you do more tests, you find more people and find more cases. That is why I have asked my people to slow down the test. Let us tell that America has so far tested about 25 million i.e. 25 million people, which is more than other countries.’

Following this statement, the White House had to be clarified and an official later had to tell local media that Trump was joking. Significantly, there are large-scale protests against racism and police brutality in America, due to which the cases of Coronavirus are increasing rapidly.


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