No guarantee to return to home in Imran Khan’s ‘new Pakistan’: India

Imran Khan. (Source: Twitter)

New Delhi: Pakistan is not only infamous for terrorism in countries around the world, but there are many other issues in India’s neighbouring country, through which it has once again sunk in the United Nations. In the 45th session of the United Nations, Human Rights Council released in Geneva on Monday (21 September), India lashed out at Pakistan on the issue of human rights. In the United Nations, raising all the issues of Pakistan, said that Imran Khan’s New Pakistan is such a place where you cannot return home.

In the UNHRC session held in Geneva, India’s First Secretary Senthil Kumar in the Indian Permanent Mission has dismissed Pakistan’s allegations against India on human rights. He said that “the mothers, sisters and daughters are being tortured in Pakistan.” Where terrorism, kidnapping and murder are taking place. The country which cannot even protect the basic rights of its citizens and Prime Minister Imran Khan calls it the new Pakistan.

Atrocities on women
He said, “Nobody wants to go to Pakistan in which the security forces commit killings and kidnappings in anti-terror operations.” Has failed to protect even basic human rights.

The statement from India said, “It is well written in the document that a large number of Kashmiri captives in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied areas are still under secret detention and have been held by Pakistani security forces for many years. Being severely tortured.”

Senthil Kumar said, “Online and offline violence continues in Pakistan against journalists and human rights defenders, especially women and minorities.” Pakistan should improve its home before speaking about others. Such Pakistan is called Imran Khan New Pakistan.


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