New Zealand’s PM was asked a question about sex, the Prime Minister responded with an interesting answer

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Wellington: New Zealand’s fast-paced PM Jacinda Ardern is once again in discussions. When he was asked about sex in a press conference, suddenly the colour of his face changed. His response is making headlines on social media.

PM Ardern had called a press conference

Actually, How PM Jacinda Ardern took steps to effectively prevent Coronavirus in New Zealand. He is being praised all over the world. The PM had called a press conference to talk about his achievement. In this press conference, PM Jacinda Ardern and the country’s Medical Director-General Dr Ashley Bloomfield were telling journalists about the steps taken to deal with Corona in the country.

The journalist suddenly asked this question

In the same press conference, a journalist asked the question that there have been allegations of having sex between a patient in Auckland Hospital and a person who came to meet him. Can this be considered a high-risk activity has given the situation of corona in the world? On this question, PM Jacinda Ardern was completely shocked and could not say anything immediately. His reaction became viral on social media.

Handling the matter, Director General of Medical Dr Bloomfield said, ‘I think this can be a very high-risk activity. Although I have no idea about this incident. After Dr Bloomfield, PM Ardern also answered the question of the journalist.

PM Jacinda gave this interesting answer

PM Ardern said, ‘I feel that even if the situation of Coronavirus is ignored, then no such activity should be done during the visiting hours of the hospital.’

Because of this, PM Ardern remained in the headlines

Let us tell that PM Jacinda Ardern came into the limelight when she imposed a nationwide lockdown as soon as the first case of Coronavirus came into the country. The result of his strictness was that New Zealand was successful to a great extent in protecting itself from the havoc of the Coronavirus.


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