NASA Mars Mission: NASA shares a first colour image of Mars, Ingenuity’s high-resolution camera captured from an altitude

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New Delhi: NASA is taking a step forward every day in search of evidence of life on Mars. Now NASA has shared the first colour photos of the surface of Mars on social media. These photos are taken by Martine via Atmosphere. Ingenuity during its second successful flight.

The photo was taken with a high-resolution camera

These best pictures were taken at a height of 17 feet above the surface of the helicopter. Rover tire marks are also seen in the picture. These colour photographs have been captured with Ingenuity’s high-resolution camera. It has a 4208 x 3120-pixel sensor. NASA said that in these pictures, the tire marks of the Perseverance Mars Rover have been captured. Apart from this, Martian terrain from the surface of Mars, height in the air are also seen in these pictures.

Ingenuity created history

Significantly, Ingenuity first created history on Mars on 18 April. This was the first time the Earth’s aircraft had flown on another planet. NASA described it as a major achievement. Let us tell you that Ingenuity completed its third flight on planet Mars on Sunday. Ingenuity reached a high speed of 6.6 feet per second in the third flight.

Looking for proof of life

Actually, the Ingenuity chopper is finding evidence of life on Mars with NASA’s Perversance Rover. Ingenuity helicopter is going to different areas of Mars and collecting such evidence from there so that life can be predicted on Mars. This mission is being described as the most ambitious mission of all of NASA.

Mars rover landed in the most dangerous area of ​​Mars

The rover’s landing took place in the most dangerous area on Mars. After this, Ingenuity also made a successful flight there. Flying here is a big challenge because its atmosphere is just one per cent at the ground level compared to the Earth. This means that to fly, the helicopter must be extremely light and its blades must rotate very fast to take flight.


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