Israeli air raid on Gaza’s multi-storeyed buildings, offices of several international media houses destroyed

Israeli air raid
Photo Credits: AP
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New Delhi: The bloody war continues in Gaza City. On Saturday, the Israeli army destroyed a multi-storey building in Gaza, airstrikes. It is being told that this multi-storey building had offices of the Associated Press and other media institutions. The Israeli military’s airstrikes are seen as an attempt to prevent Gaza’s ground-level information on the ongoing war of extremist group Hamas. The army had an hour to open the building before attacking. According to a report, this building had residential apartments along with offices of institutions including AP, Al-Jazeera.

After the demolition of the 12-storey building by the Israeli army, there was a cloud of dust in the sky. However, till now it has not been clear why this building was attacked. According to reports, the offices of the media institutions were told about the target being targeted on the Malika phone of the building in the afternoon attack. AP workers and others immediately evacuated the building after receiving the warning. The Qatar government-funded Al-Jazeera news network has broadcast live demolition of the building by airstrikes. The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media.

Abbas and Netanyahu talk to Biden over the phone

Following the incident, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke to US President Joe Biden over the phone. Abbas has called for intervention in the ongoing conflict with Israel and the Israeli side to stop the attacks on Palestine. In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also spoken to Biden about the situation in Gaza. According to a statement issued by Netanyahu’s office, the Israeli leader informed Biden about the action or possible action being taken by Israel.


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