Is Kim Jong Un dead? Social media buzz about these rumours

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New Delhi: Has North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (36) died? These discussions on social media gained momentum when a Beijing-based satellite channel claimed this on social media Weibo. Hong Kong’s vice-director of satellite television, Shijian Xingzou, quoted high-ranking sources as writing on his account Weibo that the North Korean leader had passed away. Shijian is a close relative of the Chinese foreign minister. He has 1.5 crore followers on his Weibo account.

However, his claim has not been confirmed by the agency of any country including North Korea. North Korea’s official news agency KCNA or no other has said anything about this. North Korea has been completely silent about the health or status of its leader. No one even knows about the condition and where Kim Jong Un is?

Will Kim’s trusted sister take over power, will the mysterious world of dictator end?
However, news agency Reuters has reported that China has sent medical experts to help Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong’s ill health was first reported in the international media on April 21, citing a US official that Kim Jong may be in ‘grave danger’ after heart surgery. The source of this report can be said to be a South Korean Internet news outlet specializing in North Korea. It was reported that Kim Jong-un underwent heart surgery earlier this month. Since then, his condition worsened. After that many reports said that he is in a state of brain death.

Speculation because of this
Speculation about Kim’s health had begun a week earlier when he was missing from the country’s most important event. A national level is held annually on 15 April in memory of Kim’s late grandfather and North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, but this time Kim did not attend it. In North Korea, this day is a public holiday throughout the country. Amid speculation about Kim’s critical illness, the South Korean government said that North Korean leader Kim Jong was in a critical condition after the surgery.

Who will take charge of North Korea?
Given Kim’s condition, speculation has now intensified as to who will take over from North Korea. One name that is most discussed is his younger sister Kim Yo Jong. The North Korean dictator’s poor condition was indicated when Kim Jong Un’s powerful younger sister Kim Yo Jong was re-appointed to the decision-making body.

Kim Yo Jong is quite aggressive like his brother in making a statement. North Korea practised live-fire military. After this, South Korea opposed it. After South Korea’s statement, Kim Yo Jong said that ‘scared dogs are barking’ and there are many reasons why the sister is being considered the heir of her dictator brother.


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